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Environmental Services


Target participants of the “First-Hire-Then-Train” Scheme (the “Scheme”) are those who are middle-aged (mainly homemakers). Under the “Scheme” implemented in Environmental Services Industry, hired trainees will receive relevant basic knowledge of environmental hygiene and cleaning and occupational safety within working hours during the employment period.  Upon completion of designated course, hired trainees will formally perform the duties of Cleaner. Under the terms of appointment, arrangements of working hours and leave schedule will fit the needs of trainees’ family roles.


Content of the "Scheme"

Under the “Scheme”, an appointed training body of the ERB (New Territories Association Retraining Centre Limited) will arrange for the provision of on-the-job training for trainees while the employer (Pure International (HK) Ltd) will recruit 20 Cleaners and arrange them for training.



Appointment terms of the target job set out by the participating employer under the “Scheme” are as follows:


Participating Employer: Pure International (HK) Ltd 

Post title:


Entry requirements:

Pass the basic Chinese written entry test (applicants with education attainment at or above Primary Six may be exempted from the entry test)

Appointment period:

 from 16 December 2019 (continuous appointment)

Remuneration and benefits:

  • HK$7,200 per month
  • Upon continuous service of 3 months, 7-day annual leave during first year of appointment; entitlement of annual leave will progressively increase to 14 days in accordance with employee’s years of service in the company
  • Statutory holidays with pay upon continuous service of 3 months (Employer will arrange compensatory leave for employees when necessary)
  • MPF contributions
  • Bonus (depending on employee's performance)

Working hours and leave arrangements:

  • from Monday to Friday:
    • from 9:00am to 3:00pm; or
    • from 3:00pm to 9:00pm
  • fixed shift of 6 hours per day (including a half-hour meal break)
  • day-off on Saturday and Sunday

Working location:

Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Quarry Bay, Repulse Bay, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui

Incentives for retention:

    • The employer will offer incentives to encourage trainees to stay in their jobs, including travelling allowance, attendance bonus, free usage of yoga or fitness facilities and shopping discount.
    • The training body will arrange placement officers to assist trainees in job adaptation, and provide trainees with employment counseling services and information of social services resources.


    Remarks: For appointment terms, please refer to the final announcement of the employer.   



    Hired trainees will be arranged to attend the “Foundation Certificate in Practical Knowledge for Environmental Hygiene and Cleaning (Part-time)” course with duration of 20 hours under “Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus” during working hours.  Upon successful completion of the above course, trainees will be awarded graduation certificate.

    The employer will arrange experienced staff as mentor to provide trainees with on-the-job practical skills training and guidance, and assist trainees to adapt to the working environment. 



    For details and application procedures of the “Scheme”, please contact ERB at 182 182 or New Territories Association Retraining Centre Limited at 2146 6388.