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Course Application

Course Application Form

Course Application - Supplementary Sheet 


Smart Living

Job Application Form  (For ERB Trainee)

Masseur Application Form (in Chinese only) (For ERB Trainee)

Vacancy Registration Form (For Household Employer)

Home and Care Service – Organisation Registration Form (For Organisation)

Healthcare Massage Service – Corporate Client Registration Form (For Corporate Client)


Smart Baby Care

Job Application Form  (For ERB Trainee)

Vacancy Registration Form (For Household Employer)


Services for Employers

Vacancy Registration Form (For General Employer)

Vacancy Registration Form (For Employment Agency)

(Notes: If this is your first time to register vacancy with the Employees Retraining Board, please fax / send the completed vacancy registration form with a copy of your company's Business Registration Certificate or Employment Agency License to the ERB for confirmation. Employer shall be responsible for ensuring that the terms of the job vacancy concerned are in line with the Minimum Wage Ordinance and other ordinances.)

"Tailor-made Course" Employer Application Form (in Chinese only)


Careers at ERB

Job Application Form


Access to Information

Application for Access to Information


Opinion / Complaint

Opinion Form / Complain Form (in Chinese only)