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Website Services

Trainees of the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) and employers can register as user of ERB website free-of-charge and use the following services. 

ERB Trainees

  • Search suitable training course and browse training course information
  • Search job vacancies by setting different criteria and submit job applications  
  • Provide information related to job search for employers to search suitable job seeker
  • Regularly receive information on training courses and job vacancies
  • Manage information of training courses and job vacancies by using the personalised interface


  • Upload job vacancies for application by ERB trainees
  • Proactively search suitable ERB trainees and invite them to submit job applications
  • Search courses to be completed shortly and directly contact the relevant Training Bodies to recruit ERB trainees
  • Manage information of job vacancies and job seekers by using the personalised interface 


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