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Message from the Executive Director

The photo of Mr. Byron NG Kwok-keung, BBS, Executive Director of the Employees Retraining Board

Byron NG Kwok-keung, BBS
Executive Director
Employees Retraining Board

Steering Changes in Stability
Seeking Innovation in Changes

2022-23 is a milestone year, marking not only the prelude to the 30th anniversary of the Employees Retraining Board (ERB), but also an inflection point for Hong Kong society to start anew under the pandemic.

In the face of numerous global and local uncertainties, ERB will sit tight and keep pace with the times.  We will continue upholding the policy objective of “Strengthening Training, Embracing Technology and Facilitating Employment” and implementing the work principle of “Forward, Innovative, Versatile”.  Building on existing strengths, we will strive our best for improvement and effectiveness, with a view to supporting Hong Kong people in training and employment, and fulfilling more important role and mission.

Training service is the core business of ERB.  In 2022-23, ERB will provide 140,000 and reserve another 40,000 training places to promptly respond to changes in the society and employment market; dovetail the development of “Qualifications Framework” to actively develop new courses with market potential; continue optimising existing courses to uplift the recognition of trainees; and develop more dedicated training courses to expand the training and job recipes of social groups with special needs.

Through market research and our 20 Industry Consultative Networks, we will gauge the market pulse and keep abreast of the development and skills training needs of industries to ensure that our training courses are in tandem with the market, especially under the megatrend of “Industry 4.0” and digital transformation of enterprises.  At the same time, we will strenuously invite more suitable training bodies to join us in supporting the long-term development of ERB.

To help unleash potential workforce has been the key work of ERB in recent years.  We will identify more employers in short of manpower to participate in the "Hire and Train" Scheme, and expand the “Modular Certificates Accumulation Scheme” to cover the “Foundation Certificate in Care-related Support Worker Training” course, all in all, to encourage members of the public to study and work with flexibility.

Strengthening quality assurance work is the strategic direction of ERB all along.  Related work include expanding the scope of centralised skills assessment in the “Practical Skills Training and Assessment Centre” (PSTAC), stepping up promotion to heighten the awareness of public and trainees towards PSTAC, and launching the “Outreaching Assessment Service” to have the centralised practical skills assessments conducted in training centres.

To commemorate the ERB 30th milestone anniversary, the ERB30 Campaign covering a variety of promotional programmes and major events is in the pipeline.  Deliverables include the “ERB30 Thematic Film”, “Together in this Year.ERB Trainee Stories”, “ERB30ers Series” and “ERB Trainees at Work” media supplement, “ERB30 cum Award Presentation Ceremony” as well as the “ERB30 Roving Exhibition”, etc., to promote the brand image of ERB.

In addition, more digital media will be deployed in promotion.  We will set up the brand new “Captain K” (Captain of Knowledge) Instagram (IG) channel to reach out to young service targets, upload short videos to “My ERB” Facebook Fan Page to provide training and employment information, and keep on publishing electronic bulletins to foster our communication with employers and the public.

ERB has always emphasised win-win collaboration.  We will continue to implement the “WeShare Promotion Collaborative Scheme” to enhance partnership with training bodies on promotion front.  We will consolidate the employer services for general corporations and SMEs to offer “Tailor-made Course”, “Enterprise-based Training Scheme” and Work Experience Activity Series.  We will organise Annual Employer Gathering, and resume the renewal applications of the “ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme”, etc., in supporting the training, recruitment and talent development needs of corporations.

For support services, we will launch the newly positioned “Smart Living” Scheme with focus in supporting graduates of recent years to enter the domestic helper market and sustain in employment; strengthen the training function of “Smart Baby Care” to motivate practitioners to enhance professional knowledge and skills; and upgrade job referral efficiency through promoting and optimising the “ERB Helper App” and “ERB Home Services App”.

Our district services have always been popular.  We will continue to organise the “Employment Activity Series” in the “ERB Service Centre” and “ERB Service Spots”, pilot run the “High Traffic Service Spot” in Kowloon West, and explore the feasibility of further collaboration with NGOs which install our “Training Net” Course Search Terminals so as to connect more people with training and employment needs.  We will also introduce the brand new “Encountering ERB Courses Funding Programme” to sponsor training bodies in organising promotional activities including online activities in various districts across the territory, allowing us to promote our courses and services regardless of physical constraints.

It is a great honour for ERB to be able to walk side by side with Hong Kong people for 30 years.  We fully understand the responsibilities entrusted to us.  “Steering Changes in Stablility, Seeking Innovation in Changes”.  We will maintain our commitment, vigilance and vitality, endeavour to achieve excellence and breakthrough, and together with members of the public, rise to challenges, seize every opportunity in the new normal, and forge ahead.