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ERB to Temporarily Suspend Classroom training for Two Weeks

In response to the latest development of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 and the tightened preventive measures by the Government, the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) announces that ERB courses in classroom training mode, skills assessment service and trainee activities will be temporarily suspended from tomorrow (15 July 2020) till 28 July 2020 with a view to safeguarding public health.  During the suspension period, online training courses will be conducted as usual.

ERB remarks that the suspension of classroom training will be applicable to all ERB full-time and part-time courses, including courses under the “Love Upgrading Special Scheme”.  At the same time, ERB will continue to implement the online learning arrangement.  There are currently 132 online learning courses in offer to support trainees in distance learning during infection control.

Skills assessment service of the ERB “Practical Skills Training and Assessment Centre” (PSTAC), and all trainee activities of the “ERB Service Centre”, “ERB Service Spots”, “Smart Living” and “Smart Baby Care” will also be temporarily suspended, while the video conferencing and online booking of the training consultancy service,  “Smart Living” and “Smart Baby Care” referral services and counter services of the ERB office in Siu Sai Wan and “ERB Service Centre” will maintain their normal operation.

ERB will closely monitor the latest development of the disease and announce subsequent arrangements in due course.  Should trainees and members of the public have any enquiries, please contact respective training bodies, operators of the service platforms, the PSTAC, or call the ERB hotline 182 182 or visit the ERB website: for latest updates or contact information of the training bodies.


Post Date:14/7/2020